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Ichipurka t1_jdt5zmb wrote

It's ok if divinity speaks through you.

It does for me but in a different way.

The song of God is universal. Religion is but a costume.

Nothing wrong with gut feelings, and nothing wrong with jokes about costumes.

So. I didn't really mock you, unless you wanted to feel mocked? And so, my comment wasn't directed to you. Your choice for a white robe is fine, I have my own orange robe. They both waver around, and vanish once death comes. =)

Laugh about all the social designations... friend, or brother... they all just go away eventually anyway.


izumi3682 OP t1_jdw6h52 wrote

>they all just go away eventually anyway.

No, they don't. But that is a discussion for a different venue. Not rslashfuturology.