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johnmatrix84 t1_jdv1w5l wrote

Cameras, cops, restraining orders, etc. do absolutely nothing to stop a criminal determined to harm you.


mandru t1_jdvvmqp wrote

If you place the idea this way nothing except an army of highly trained mercenaries loyal to you will stop criminals to harm.

Yet as a general population we live in the safest era there ever was.


PolychromeMan t1_jdvyclb wrote

>Yet as a general population we live in the safest era there ever was.

Probably due largely to more food and education and overall progress in most places that were previously less developed. I'm not sure it has much to do w/security measures or the lack of them. In any case, it's certainly nice that violence has been trending down for many decades in most places.


mandru t1_jdw1pm0 wrote

Resources availability and education are the main drivers for peace . Most people will be content when they have their food and shelter made available with ease.


Killy48 t1_jdyx3k5 wrote

Untrue. Criminals will always adapt to new times. It's not safer there are more crimes than ever but more people alive


mirddes t1_jdw30dl wrote

> we live in the safest era there ever was

unless you're woman who wants to talk about woman's rights


mandru t1_jdw5m2a wrote

I don't really think you know how bad women had it 50 yeas ago.

One of my grandma's words of wisdom ware " He was a good husband, he hardly ever beat her"

50 years ago women had no rights to speak of.