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Parafault t1_je2fb3g wrote

I wonder how much of that is reliant on extreme fertilizer and pesticide use


klaveruhh t1_je2n983 wrote

Well we have an ongoing crisis cause our agriculture sector is polluting too much. And people just voted on a party that supports farmers and is just claiming more research should be done while they continue ruining nature.

So i guess quite a bit.


MrZwink t1_je77lw1 wrote

That is mostly caused by the meat industry though.


Pikkornator t1_je2tnad wrote

yes, that party is the biggest scam yet but wait until they find out tho...... Doesn't BBB remind you of something? Boer Burger Beweging? Build Back Better?


klaveruhh t1_je2wtjr wrote

No it didn't, i had to google it. I don't know how that plan is going but investing into infra and environment seems like the opposite of BBB.


AeternusDoleo t1_je4ha90 wrote

Fertilizer, yes ('though limited, as the natural river delta and drained peat bogs that make up the bulk of our nation tend to be fertile ground). Pesticides not so much.

Fertilizer production (from livestock industries), use and the nitrate emissions it causes are a major source of controversy in our nation at the moment.


merien_nl t1_je5e3u3 wrote

The cautionary part did not get through in the submission statement. But as you can imagine in a tiny country with 17 million people and 12 million pigs we have a few problems. Big problems, both ecological and political. So yes, learn from the Dutch, but learn all, there are huge downsides.