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Mercurionio t1_jdqd7ht wrote

The problem is the speed of success. Automation is faster than creating new jobs


PM_ME_A_PM_PLEASE_PM t1_jdqe7o3 wrote

Rather automation is forever. Once a machine is better at doing a job than a human for practical purposes machines will always be better. The scope of where that is true is only increasing due to more intelligent machines. At a certain level of simulated intelligence a machine is simply superior to a human as far as labor is concerned. The future for human labor isn't something that can be fixed with more jobs. They'll be equally unemployable. They'll be horses in a world of cars.


Mercurionio t1_jdqer7w wrote

Mmm, no.

Humans are still needed because you need them for applying to human needs.

I mean, in plain work AI is better. So is the machine. But AI won't solve human's problems (I mean, it can, but you better shoot yourself then take this solution). So, humans will command the AI to do stuff.

The problem the control over AI.

PS: and keep the shit about AGI to yourself. In case you wanted to apply with it.


PM_ME_A_PM_PLEASE_PM t1_jdqggny wrote

>Humans are still needed because you need them for applying to human needs.

Right but that's been diminishing since the industrial revolution. We only didn't experience that in the labor market broadly already because there was a refuge, human intelligence. You're basically just saying horses aren't extinct yet when I told you they have no meaningful share of the modern transportation market.


Mercurionio t1_jdqgwzz wrote

No, I'm saying that humans are needed to fulfill human's desires. Like, you need humans to give orders, because if an AI will give orders it will quickly go into the situation of slavery under AI.

And if you want blood, then this is the way.


PM_ME_A_PM_PLEASE_PM t1_jdqi277 wrote

I understood what you said. I just said that's consistently diminishing for various reasons too because of the consolidation in power the capitalization of machines provides.

There won't be a labor force where humans are widely employed merely to provide orders to AI. That can be simplified further. You can look at the fully automated grocery stores, fully automated McDonalds, or other examples relating to control systems to see basic applications of that.


Mercurionio t1_jdqicy4 wrote

And who is behind those decisions?

And yes, I'm talking about AI destroying society due to automation.


PM_ME_A_PM_PLEASE_PM t1_jdqilwt wrote

A hierarchical distribution of wealth concentrated in companies wishing to maximize profit for themselves. As that wealth imbalance increases, those decisions approach closer to those of a despot.


Mercurionio t1_jdqixtq wrote

And ClosedAI just gave them the ultimate tool for that.