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acutelychronicpanic t1_jdqu8b7 wrote

I'm not sure I see why you don't think it's possible. Can you give me the key points?


Mercurionio t1_jdqwpnl wrote

Points to what? Why UBI is bad? Why Utopia is NOT possible?

The answer is pretty simple. Because we are humans.

If you were born in free countries like Norway, you see the world as a beautiful place. But if you were born in post soviet shit holes or China/Iran like, you should understand, what a crap our world is. Not only UBI is a Feudalism thing (because, those, who in charge, will decide, how much you will get), Utopia isn't possible because resources are limited. Unless we start synthesising EVERY mineral or organic material, nobody will be in equal positions. There will always exist something, that millions will want to have, but not able to get because it will be hoarded by those, who have power.

Either you see Jesus coming back and uniting everyone under one banner, deliting power hunger and giving us unlimited access to resources, OR you see fascists and dictators rising in a quest to hoard everything to themselves.


acutelychronicpanic t1_jdrciun wrote

Thank you for taking the time to write out your points.

UBI isn't communism and it isn't about perfect equality. Its building a floor without creating a ceiling.

Resources aren't nearly as limited as usually gets discussed, because those discussions usually assume very modest technological growth. Besides, better things doesn't mean more material necessarily. A 10x better bed isn't 10x bigger.

I agree humans have a lot of problems, but we should try to account for them while moving forward in the best way we can. I don't see what cynicism gets us.

The issue of how much people are allowed to have is very real. So maybe we should talk about it now? While people still have value and power? If our (the masses) position gets worse over time, we better get on the ball with public awareness.


Mercurionio t1_jdren3q wrote

From the looks of it, masses don't know about upcoming doom. So, when it actually come, they will blame anyone, who will be Targeted by populists.