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MyBunnyIsCuter t1_jcf6mcr wrote

We are the worst thing we have ever worked on. We're so stupid and selfish we can't make sure each human alive has their basic needs met, but we spend a ton of money developing artificial intelligence. We haven't mastered basic humanity yet we act triumphant because of this bullsht - which, by the way, Stephen Hawking warned us about. Idiots. We're idiots.


fieryflamingfire t1_jcggzap wrote

If I point you to data that shows that the human condition has been rapidly improving (probably a result of our tendency to spend tons of money developing technologies like artificial intelligence), would you take back your comment that we're idiots?


Dry_Substance_9021 t1_jcgpzqn wrote

There's a case to be made that AI could help us eliminate many of the problems we face today regarding meeting basic human needs. AI could help automate processes that reduce the costs of producing food, shelter, medicine and education to next to nothing. AI could be used to actually improve our wellbeing. AI and the easing of human suffering aren't inherently mutually exclusive.

But based on the fact that it's corporations and intelligence agencies who are pursuing AI, I very much doubt we'll get this new nirvana. It remains to be seen, of course, but it would seem highly unlikely that their aims are anything but to maintain the status quo.