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Codydw12 t1_jcfhsmv wrote

>I don't know if I think it's profound either, but I do think it's a healthy reminder. Its a good reminder that we don't really understand these algorithms, and that regardless of how human-presenting they are, they are not human and we can't trust them to act in certain ways. Maybe not particularly helpful, but worthwhile none the less (in my opinion).

And this is fair. AI will not act like a human nor will it be completely logical in every aspect. We don't actually know how one will act or react or what its been trained on.

> This has happened to me too, I've suggested exactly the same thing (though admittedly stole the idea from mark Cuban when he guest hosted on a podcast at one point). At this point everything is socialist if it's different than the status quo though so I try to ignore it.

Indeed. I have given up on trying to predict future economies but the current system won't work much longer.


Coachtzu t1_jcfpowm wrote

100% agree. Appreciate the good discourse, it's hard to find on here.