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MpVpRb t1_jdmyxkr wrote

Creative people who learn and adapt to the new tools will find them powerful and useful


Gagarin1961 t1_jdn931d wrote

If you’re like me, you’re getting into this web development because you like building things.

You’re basically the main builder of a house. People can and did build basic “houses” themselves throughout history, but they were limited. That’s us now. We hand code everything. Our sites are basically “hand crafted.”

But AI that can code is like having a company of builders working for you. You’re not going to build sun brick huts or teepees with a crew of 5-8 guys and advanced tools. You’re going to use your time to design a house much more luxurious than what one person could build. You’d build a modem home with air conditioning and maybe several floors.

This is how you’re going to start to see yourself. You will be the highest level manager of what we consider today to be major application projects.

People have been saying a lot of distributed software is going to go out the window. Why buy a license to Microsoft Office if you can just ask the AI to make you a word processor without all the other crap you don’t want.

You’ll be creating custom digital experiences in the future with the help of AI, not necessarily coding by hand. Start imagining what you could accomplish with a team of people working for you.


LanghamP_ t1_jdnv7r4 wrote

I'm a full-stack developer with Microsoft's MVC (model view controller) code pattern which, I think, is one of the most popular code pattern out there. Basically, I can ask ChatGPT to make data models with foreign keys everywhere, and it will:

--Construct the Interface.

--Models, functions, and model inheritances.

--The controllers.

--The views in a not so good manner.

--Several really good unit tests for the Models.

So at the ability of ChatGPT, it probably entirely replaces all the new programmers. Like before if I had 4 programmers doing that stuff, just 1 programmer is now needed.

ChatGPT is very very good indeed. And its ability to parse out natural English into a well-made function with unit tests is really good. It's almost spooky at how good it is at writing even complex function. For instance, I used to use the C# cookbook, pull out a function that sort of came close to what I needed, and spent time figuring out getting it to work. Not anymore; ChatGPT is incredibly good at figuring out what you're saying.

So instead of paying $80,000/year for a new full-stack developer, just pay $20/month for a subscription for a seasoned developer.


imnos t1_jdpim3w wrote

The near future - you'll be using these AI tools to increase your output and productivity. Many, like me, have been doing this for the last year already.

The longer term future may be a little more uncertain. For example - what happens when we have an AGI that doesn't need the direction of a human developer? It just needs input from some product person and then it goes and builds an app.


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Brief_Coffee8266 t1_jdn59th wrote

Just remember that all AI has the weakness of their servers being burned down 🔥