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Outrageous-Yak-3318 t1_jdje6e7 wrote

We need someone to take the lead on space exploration and the US is only interested in profit. Glad to see EU moving in that direction.


AmeriToast t1_jdkwlun wrote

Lol at the Esa taking the lead. This is nothing more than a pipe dream. Europe does not have the ability to do any of this. They fight over the smallest things when it comes to any space project. Their only hope would be to partner with an American company to make one for them.


zoinkability t1_jdjxd3v wrote

LOL, if NASA was interested in profit the SLS would have been shitcanned a long long time ago


IFurious_Troll t1_jdk87td wrote

What a fuckin joke. The EU is so far behind China and the US in space exploration, lmao. You guys really should just stay out the way and shut up.