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BonFemmes t1_jdn0j4f wrote

They are two different things.

Google: When is tony's pizza open

AI: as a pizza maker, how do I make a neopolitan pepperoni pizza. list the steps.

We will continue to ask google questions that have definite answers. AI can be wrong. AI can be a valuable assistant. It writes stories and code. We need google to check its work.


_Mechaloth_ t1_jdobb1x wrote

A recent thread on a history forum requested a bibliography on horse culture in 14th century Japan. A respondent gave an AI-compiled list which had a large number of invented/phantom sources, sources which the supposed authors themselves chimed in and said, “Yeah, I never wrote that.”


Sirisian t1_jdnndio wrote

OpenAI has a growing list of plugins. It could ask a plugin, I think OpenTable, for information like hours when it doesn't have the information.


Current_Panic63 t1_jdnzfsp wrote

Where should I go to dinner? AI: Let me recommend these sponsored restaurants


imnos t1_jdpkoxx wrote

Not different things. Chat GPT will soon have internet access (i.e. live data) and a ton of plugins.