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capcaunul OP t1_jebu4mx wrote

An enormous swathe of the Gulf of Mexico, spanning an area the size of Italy, was put up for auction on Wednesday for oil and gas drilling, in the latest blow to Joe Biden’s increasingly frayed reputation on dealing with the climate crisis.


SlurpinAnalGravy t1_jebz164 wrote

>Pursuant to the Property Clause of the United States Constitution (Article 4, section 3, clause 2), Congress has the power to retain, buy, sell, and regulate federal lands, such as by limiting cattle grazing on them. These powers have been recognized in a long line of United States Supreme Court decisions.

So Congress and the Supreme Court, both overwhelmingly controlled by Republicans.

Wipe that egg off your face.


sharksnut t1_jedvkyx wrote

TIL that the Senate is "overwhelmingly controlled by Republicans."


Jackal427 t1_jeearfj wrote

Yeah, this guy has been spouting nonsense all over this comment section.

For anyone who cares about the truth, here’s the senate distribution:

Majority (51): Democratic (48) Independent (3)

Minority (49): Republican (49)


94746382926 t1_jec4pup wrote

Has nothing to do with Biden.


sharksnut t1_jedvqlc wrote

"The president’s Department of the Interior offered up a vast area of the central and western Gulf..."

... has "nothing to do with Biden"?


Canuck-overseas t1_jec0a8m wrote

In fairness, most of the Gulf is already an hypoxic dead zone.


SheoGodofMadness t1_jecfjuv wrote

You're a clown, read articles before posting sweeping judgements


datnetcoder t1_jedbd6l wrote

Sorry but this is fucking hilarious: OP posted the very opening paragraph of the article, verbatim. Very clearly, you did not read the article at all, since you are claiming OP is making sweeping judgements himself.


Snakepli55ken t1_jeciwod wrote

You clearly have no idea what you are talking about lol. Stick to Romanian politics.