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luced t1_jecbxga wrote


deadlands_goon t1_jecc954 wrote

it must be nice believing partisan politics arent just for theater and that not all high level politicians are scumbag millionaires who have no one’s interests in mind except their corporate benefactors’


luced t1_jece0gn wrote

All politicians lie. All politicians make promises they have no intention of keeping. They do not work for us. They have no reason to keep their promises and to think they should when the other side doesn't have to care about anything other than "owning the libs" is naive. It would be nice if Biden and the rest of the Democrats kept their word but that's unrealistic.


deadlands_goon t1_jecec6g wrote

bruh theyre the same people democrats and republicans dont exist at that level


luced t1_jecf8q4 wrote

They work for the same people but have two different ways of doing things. What corporations want gets done regardless. the difference is one group is actively trying to tear this country apart and commit genocide on a section of the population.


deadlands_goon t1_jecfqgo wrote

theres only one group. They want you to believe there’s 2 groups, and stirring up the pot with social issues helps convince people like you of that. No one at that level of government gives a shit about any of the social issues youre alluding to when you talk about “genocide on a section of the population”. They do not care. Theyre all racist and homophobic behind closed doors


luced t1_jecq4di wrote

dude you said president Biden shouldn't lie. now your ranting about they are all the same. you are jumping all over the place. chill out. your not making any sense. i think you are somehow both naive and jaded however that works.