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Loferix t1_jeculjm wrote

Dont care. The true way to combat climate change and move towards renewables is to simply make renewables superior than fossil fuels economically and business-wise.
We should be innovating our way through this. Not to mention fossil fuels will still play an important strategic role and reserve for a long time.


gimife t1_jednc73 wrote

Renewables are already cheaper than fossil fuels, but the government subsides fossil fuels with billions. They wouldn't be economically sustainable otherwise


Smiekes t1_jedn8r6 wrote

Solar is the cheapest energy already. EV's are more efficient then gas cars. The charge time is a solved problem but the biggest problem is infrastructure and cost of new technology. We are optimised for gas, and coal. we will burn that shit up if we don't regulate it or invest heavily. We will always need oil for plastics and as lubricants but we could stop burning it within the next 20 years if we make regulations. In fact, the EU passed a bill that stops the selling of gas Cars in 2035. I don't think this will work but I hope it helps fast forward the process


RuinLoes t1_jeedoy2 wrote

This absolute 100% pure whole chuck bullshit.

Renewables are already cheaper to produce.

They are already ready to be intalled globally.

The problem is that we have been poisned by this "if it was better then the market would do it" nonsense. Thats not how markets have ever worked.

If you want renewables you have to vote for policies that will inplement renewables, ban money from politics, bar congressmen from trading, etc. Nothing is going to just happen.