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Actaeus86 t1_jecwrcf wrote

Renewables and electric vehicles might be the future, but we won’t be there for decades. Still need fossil fuels until then.


RuinLoes t1_jeedauo wrote

That argument kinda falls flat when you are talking about new oil drilling, and for not even that big of a resevoir, that will have devastating ecological impacts.


Actaeus86 t1_jeegsdt wrote

Maybe, but the fuel we need for the next few decades have to come from somewhere.


RuinLoes t1_jeei9ss wrote

Ya, renewables.

We aren't decades off interma of capability, we are there now, and it can be all build in under a decade.

And again, your argument fals completely flat because you are talking about new drilling.


Actaeus86 t1_jeeknhv wrote

We are decades away from only having electric cars on the road, new drilling will be needed to sustain those vehicles in the future. Especially with electric vehicle prices. I personally was wanting to get a F150 Lightning, but it went from 40k to 60k for the base truck. Prices like that keep buyers like me out of the market.