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Celtictussle t1_jed0w3c wrote

What? Secretary of the interior is on the cabinet, they report directly to the about confidently incorrect.....


Jackal427 t1_jed2q0f wrote

Yup, this guy has some serious selective Googling skills. It takes a special kind of stupid to confidently claim something a 10 second search proves false.


SlurpinAnalGravy t1_jed6la3 wrote

The BLM is required to provide regular reports to Congress on its activities, budget, and performance, as well as to respond to requests for information or testimony from congressional committees. Congress also has the power to authorize and appropriate funds for the BLM's operations and programs, and to conduct oversight and investigations of the agency's activities.

Talk about confidently ignorant.


Celtictussle t1_jed7hgp wrote

Nothing you said contradicts anything I said.


SlurpinAnalGravy t1_jed7kuv wrote

You know what. Fair play.

They also report to Congress, who controls their budget. Who created them. Who can dissolve them. Who has the final say in their activities.

But blame sleepy joe amirite?

There's a lot of reasons to hate our president, this ain't it.


Celtictussle t1_jed9x2l wrote

They don't report to congress. They report to the president. Congress is a check on the executive branch, and congress sets the budget.

This doesn't mean the executive branch answers to congress. They're checks on each other.


SlurpinAnalGravy t1_jedb264 wrote

My dude. They literally do report directly to congress.

The Bureau of Land Management is a federal agency within the United States Department of the Interior that manages public lands and resources. The forms used by the BLM to report to Congress can vary depending on the specific information or data being reported. However, some common forms used by the BLM to report to Congress include:

The Annual Report of Lands and Minerals - This report provides an overview of the BLM's management of public lands and resources, including information on the status of grazing permits, mining claims, and oil and gas leases.

The Report on the Status of Oil and Gas Resources on Federal Lands - This report provides an assessment of the status of oil and gas resources on federal lands, including information on production, reserves, and exploration activities.

The Report on the Management of Wild Horses and Burros - This report provides information on the BLM's management of wild horses and burros on public lands, including population estimates, adoption rates, and range conditions.

The Budget Justifications - These documents provide detailed information on the BLM's budget requests and priorities, including funding levels for specific programs and initiatives.

The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) documents - These documents are prepared by the BLM to analyze the environmental impacts of proposed actions on public lands, and are often required by Congress as part of the agency's decision-making process.

It's important to note that these are just a few examples of the forms and reports that the BLM may use to report to Congress, and that the specific forms used can vary depending on the type of information being reported and the requirements of Congress.


Celtictussle t1_jedbh6s wrote

They give congress reports. They "report" to the president.

The president is their boss. Congress is not. Do you really not understand this?


SoulReaper850 t1_jedgheq wrote

The Secretary reports to the president. The Director of BLM reports to congress. All committees are held inside congress and committee seats are assigned to BLM staff, congress persons, and experts.

Tl:Dr Secretary is appointed by each new administration. Director is permanent.


SlurpinAnalGravy t1_jedbq7f wrote

Congress can literally shut them down. They control their budget, they have the final say in where the money goes.

I don't think you understand exactly what this means.

If I control your income and I say "show me a report of where this money is going, it better not be to selling land for oil drilling" are you going ro say "fuck you I don't care if I have any income" or are you going to do what's required to stay alive?