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Celtictussle t1_jedbh6s wrote

They give congress reports. They "report" to the president.

The president is their boss. Congress is not. Do you really not understand this?


SoulReaper850 t1_jedgheq wrote

The Secretary reports to the president. The Director of BLM reports to congress. All committees are held inside congress and committee seats are assigned to BLM staff, congress persons, and experts.

Tl:Dr Secretary is appointed by each new administration. Director is permanent.


SlurpinAnalGravy t1_jedbq7f wrote

Congress can literally shut them down. They control their budget, they have the final say in where the money goes.

I don't think you understand exactly what this means.

If I control your income and I say "show me a report of where this money is going, it better not be to selling land for oil drilling" are you going ro say "fuck you I don't care if I have any income" or are you going to do what's required to stay alive?