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sharksnut t1_jedxdtw wrote

I did. You're still wrong. Congress has no power of prior restraint in preventing Interior from issuing resource extraction permits. Your desperate attempt at partisanship is transparent.

If you're unhappy with people pointing this out, correct your comment. That's all it takes.


SlurpinAnalGravy t1_jee2bjs wrote

You really didn't then. The Director of the BLM is a permanent position that reports directly to Congress. Congress directly overseas their funding and what projects within the BLM's scope are funded. I even listed the reports and FORM NAMES that the BLM has to submit in reports to Congress.

If you're unhappy with people pointing out your lack of reading comprehension, keep your mouth shut. That's all it takes.


sharksnut t1_jefy2o8 wrote

>The Director of the BLM

... has nothing to do with blue water drilling leases.