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Exciting-Phrase-684 OP t1_jcto4ty wrote

Venom from honey bees were found to have a damaging effect on breast cancer cells, leaving normal cells undamaged.


Throwmedownthewell0 t1_jcw5zn0 wrote

This however does not mean one should trespass on an orchard and stick one's titties in a beehive.


Onimaru1984 t1_jcwcmt2 wrote

Totally. That said, one of the drugs my wife is taking right now for BC is derived from a plant. It stands to reason Bee Venom could be tweaked and packaged in much the same way. The article is correct. Even though the survival rate for this is very high, the short term and long term impacts aren’t a cake walk. 1 in 8 women will develop BC so something like this could change a lot of lives.


calcal1992 t1_jcwfs02 wrote

A lot of apiarist are well aware of sting therapy and the benefits beyond just those mentioned in the study. If your wife is interested you could always find a local bee keeper and ask if they know about sting therapy.


epSos-DE t1_jcwkkuk wrote

Depends on the allergy levels.

Bee sting is cleaner than wasp sting. Creates inflammation, but no infection.

People use it to relive arthritis.


dedicated-pedestrian t1_jctzeay wrote

Ahhh, the apitherapy alternative medicine community is going to have a field day with this.


Dirty_Quesadilla t1_jcu68cp wrote

They’ll be expounding upon the virtues and greatness of their honey bee butthole bleach soon.


Throwmedownthewell0 t1_jcwrebv wrote

Had a buddy who as a dare, for science, caught a bee and proceeded to get it to sting his pork sword...


It did not work as advertised, but worked exactly how one would think.


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sergeanttips t1_jcux7xp wrote

This is not a new idea. I remember an Unsolved Mysteries episode from the Robert Stack days where this was discussed.


[deleted] t1_jcts4jl wrote



Cawdor t1_jctyeos wrote

Just call it Holistic treatment and you’ll have dummies lining up and paying a premium to do it


its8up t1_jcu4lb7 wrote

Good point. As this is older news, kinda surprising that Gwyneth Paltrow hasn't already made the 'live bee enema' trendy.


kxthrow t1_jcu6saa wrote

I'm just imagining sentient bees asking "What fresh hell is THIS?"


EvenAH27 t1_jcu6hhb wrote

You can become a millionaire based of this idea of you play your cards right and find gullible enough people.


quirkycurlygirly t1_jcvr6b3 wrote

Cuba has been using a cancer treatment made from blue scorpion venom for years.


tnguy931 t1_jcwwf5l wrote

When a honey bee stings, it loses its stinger and kills the bee. They are already threatened enough. I guess this could be a positive and have corporations raising bees causing them to thrive again....


wazabee t1_jcwfccq wrote

The key is to have a directed way to get the bee venom to the cancer cells.


MaximumZer0 t1_jcu1n19 wrote

Well, the kid from Stand By Me is definitely not gonna die of breast cancer...


Specialist_Lie8699 t1_jcvd2ih wrote

Wasn't it leaches that got on him, not bees?


sergeanttips t1_jcvdunc wrote

Maybe they meant My Girl?


MaximumZer0 t1_jcveich wrote

I probably did, but I will never be sure since I haven't seen either movie in well over a decade. I will leave this up to be a monument to my own lack of culture.


Personal_Problems_99 t1_jcvhdc6 wrote

I have to assume it's not a lot different than the bacteria thing.