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94746382926 t1_jbmyvdh wrote

Now I'm imagining our sun randomly getting extinguished due to aliens somewhere else draining that bitch.


[deleted] t1_jbn7umn wrote

Or decouple existence faster and faster into an entropic muting because it's actually a vacuum that pulls from another universe, and the more energy that's grabbed from there the more it enforces its universe's stronger deterministic nature and overrides ours into an incompatible atomic cancer.


coffeeinvenice t1_jbn8wjk wrote

Scale, my man, scale! Imagine if we could pull energy directly from the Sun to use on Earth. It would take longer than the lifespan of the solar system for human needs to draw enough energy from the Sun to have even a 0.1 percent impact on the energy level of the Sun.


TheIndyCity t1_jbq9efc wrote

Yeah right, this would happen and the following year Nvidia would release their Zero-Point energy graphic cards and we'd be draining the sun in no time.


UwUin_myOwO t1_jbvvzka wrote

You accidentally blow up one solar system and they never let you hear the end of it!