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GoodbyeCOI t1_jbqad2r wrote

The funny thing is that the rich actually support UBI...look at what the World Economic Forum says about it.

COVID was the trial run and mistakes were made...lessons were learned. They want UBI tied to social credit scores, vaccine passes, and other methods to keep people in line.

I basically think what it'll boil down to are three classes of people:

-The wealthy that don't need UBI so they can fly wherever, eat whatever, and not have to abide by all the rules because they're rich.

-The compliant who conform to whatever is required to get UBI which could mean many things...all tracked by social credit score.

-Luddites on the fringes of society that don't want UBI or the rules that come with it so they basically come together as a commune (travelling gypsies) as the state chases them down to track and monitor everything they do.