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Iffykindofguy t1_jbqzjje wrote

Given what you said about your past if you can get out you should get out, you worked hard and are helping to spread the shift from a society that lets its emotions destroy it to one that manages them. Especially if you plan on having kids. I dont ever want kids so my contribution to society ends with me. I have some unfortunate stuff in my past but the only reason Ive been able to get over them is because society bends over backwards for me because of a combination of where I was born, who I was born to and how I look. Would feel wrong to take that benefit and run since society treats me with such kid gloves anyways. I understand that sounds pretentious to the point of being pathetic but its just how I feel.


GoodbyeCOI t1_jbr29kc wrote

No that's a real thing.

The only time I've heard the kid gloves comment is when people acknowledge their privilege be it white or male or rich or whatever identifier. have a disability and UBI will help you live a more comfortable life. I'm cool with that too. I just don't think people with disabilities are necessarily treated with kid gloves which is very different from legit and legal protected ADA accommodations. It's not kid gloves it's just decency and what society should do for those with legitimate disabilities.

Kid gloves is if you can take it or should learn how to take it if you haven't...some people are just straight up wheelchair bound and paralyzed so any form of kid glove treatment is usually reasonable and well intentioned even if it's something as small as asking for help at the grocery store.

I knew a guy who lost his arm in Iraq...dude whooped ass at pool volleyball. Found out he also is a purple belt jujitsu but I def saw the kid glove treatment you may be speaking of.