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speedywilfork t1_jbu1sec wrote

>By this kind of logic, everyone having a job or being on social security should be responsible for MASSIVE inflation.

what!? lol. no.

the reason UBI would cause inflation is because it would essentially set a floor for wages and also allow non productive citizens to continue to purchase. this is a recipe for hyperinflation.

so if the UBI minimum wage was set at $15 everyone making under $15 would quit their jobs and simply stay at home. However they would still have the purchasing power they did when they were working.

When all these people quit it would create shortages in the labor market, thus creating shortages in supply, thus causing inflation. this alone would cause inflation, but in order to "fix" the problem companies would have to start paying $30 per hour to incentivize people to work. this would in turn drive the price you pay up, and on top of all that, all the excess money in the system due to people that are now staying home but making money, would shortly lead to hyperinflation.

UBI wont work


FarCut2677 t1_jc4xm7k wrote

Shortages in labor won’t be a thing when robots do all the jobs, the creation of supply will be made by bots


speedywilfork t1_jc6td32 wrote

who makes all of those robots? and who services the robots? and who makes the parts to make the robots? and who mines the ore to make the parts?

hint: it aint robots