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KeaboUltra t1_jbyh4qd wrote

Assuming that we do get UBI, I think not. People will always want to fill their time with something, and work would become a choice. After the world is no longer in denial about AI taking every job. work will probably become more social and volunteer oriented. I feel like people might want to employ gig style work for more simple things. It's honestly hard to say what people will be doing as an AI or something might be able to handle it better and more efficiently, but off the top of my head, I can imagine online human surveys and user input might be valuable, any data that can make something better. Reviews might become more valuable and we could see a world extremely similar to that black mirror episode where people's ratings dictated their social status. Could be possible that being a "decent" or "model" person nets you more UBI, in which you get rated for committing good acts, each rating contributes to a rank and entering a new rank or earning a new star = a higher UBI to fuel more luxury spending. Things such as holding a door open for someone or cleaning up your environment would contribute to these things. I know all this sounds pointless but that'll kinda become our existence during the dawn of a competent AI, we'll have nothing to do that we'll literally have to come up with a new way to carry on in society based off what we currently have.