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DreamSmuggler t1_jck09pj wrote

This is sounding a lot like that speech Bill Gates gave years ago where he said that, (can't remember exact quote) with birth control and vaccinations we could reduce the world population by 10%-15%. As such I'm not sure if you're being sarcastic or are as demented as Billy boy there. Hopefully the former 🤞

Where I work we use hundreds of thousands of litres of water a day just to produce fizzy poisons for people to drink with their meals. Seems to me all the 'experts' always throw everything on us. Turn the lights off, drive less, eat less, use less plastic, while the whole time multi-billion dollar corporations giggle all the way to the bank with government subsidies and tax breaks.

It's a pretty fucked up world. I'm glad I had my kids already. I know a lot of people who've given up on a future generation after the last 2-3 years