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ImmaBlackgul t1_jckbw9y wrote

Why is everything suddenly a crisis and in need of “urgent” fixing?!

It’s quite ridiculous that there is absolutely no oversight whatsoever for commercial use of natural resources in the beginning and then 20, 30, 100 years later “we” need to fix it! “We” didn’t break it so why “we” need to fix it.

The people who broke it need to fix it, so send the alarm bells directly to them.


AppropriateAd8937 t1_jcmvk7p wrote

Hah good luck with that. Think the people who didn’t bother in the first place are gonna bother now? They aren’t gonna be the ones suffering the most in the end


ImmaBlackgul t1_jcmwco0 wrote

Well that’s true, they’re not going to do jack and the ones doing the damage 100 years ago are also dead. I’ve often wondered when malls closed down, why the mall owner isn’t made to tear it down and plant trees. Politicians are lame, weak, and lack any imagination whatsoever.