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wheelontour t1_jdljux0 wrote

I read about this cell a couple of days ago and I got super excited because the article mentioned that the battery could deliver that power at 25C (25 times the capacity of the cell, or 100 Amperes for a 4Ah cell) but I have just read the press release of the manufaturer and it says the cell can deliver that energy at 25°C - degrees Celsius... thats a big difference.


ItsAConspiracy t1_jdm1vqv wrote

25C would be incredible but it's still good enough for aviation and cars. I think I saw 10C.


wheelontour t1_jdm7gl2 wrote

Wow, 10C? That would be a huge improvement. Possibly already more than one could reasonably utilize, at least on an EUC. I suspect the price will be eyewatering though, if the first customer is the next best thing to space industry.


ItsAConspiracy t1_jdm95oh wrote

They're building a factory that's supposed to produce 5 GWh/year, hopefully that will help with the cost. Still nowhere near Tesla Gigafactory levels but it's a start.

They say it plugs into normal battery production lines, I'm wondering if Tesla could license it and adapt their factories.