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EnomLee t1_jdsey86 wrote

If publicly daydreaming about the collapse of civilization to own the libs isn't pure, 100% distilled cope, then nothing truly is.


Fluffy_WAR_Bunny t1_jdsgvrg wrote

Do you know what a CME is and what a Carrington level event would do to our civilization?

It sounds like you dont.

Maybe you think that Aurora Borealis in Alabama is normal??

And I am a lib.


EnomLee t1_jdssrek wrote

Then cheer up, your electronics are still working just fine.

You may have just recently learned about solar storms, but they aren't new to me. Neither are supervolcanic eruptions, asteroid impacts, nuclear wars, unaligned artificial super intelligence, and sudden brain aneurysms. All very nasty possibilities that thus far have failed to materialize.

There's no shortage of ways to horribly die, and I wouldn't wish them upon any decent person. I certainly wouldn't hope for one to come and stop the march of societal progress.

If it's worth anything, the longer that technology can continue to advance without one of these black swan events hitting us, the more capable we will be of mitigating or avoiding the damage.