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420InTheCity t1_jcn4o4n wrote

What animals WOULD they ride into combat?


CTDKZOO t1_jcnhbr8 wrote

I’m going to copy and paste the description ChatGPT gave without any edits by me. It’s a bit long, but relevant.

It’s also familiar: Ostrich, Axe Beak, and Chocobo - but a novel twist.


Gorkha A Gorkha is a large, flightless bird native to the plains of Gorkhar. Standing about 6 to 7 feet tall, these creatures have a strong, muscular build that enables them to easily carry riders and cargo. The Gorkha has a long neck and a small, pointed beak, while its feathered body displays an array of earthy colors, such as browns, grays, and greens, which provide natural camouflage in their grassland environment.

In the wild, Gorkhas are primarily herbivorous, grazing on the abundant grasses and shrubs of the plains. They are social creatures, often forming large flocks that can coordinate and protect one another from predators. Gorkhas are known for their speed and agility, able to reach speeds of up to 40 miles per hour in short bursts, and their powerful legs enable them to make impressive leaps when needed.

As mounts, Gorkhas offer several advantages over horses. Their agility and speed make them excellent for quick maneuvers in battle or for traversing uneven terrain. At the same time, their ability to leap allows them to navigate obstacles that a horse might struggle with. Additionally, their natural inclination to flock together means they are well-suited to working in groups, making them a good choice for cavalry formations or scouting parties. However, Gorkhas may not be as strong or enduring as horses, and their unique physiology may require specialized equipment and training for riders to use them effectively.

The use of Gorkhas as mounts by some Goblin tribes showcases the diversity and adaptability of the Gorkhar nation as they harness the unique strengths of their environment to their advantage.


Jasrek t1_jcoeyez wrote

Did the AI just reinvent the chocobo?


CTDKZOO t1_jcoo6vy wrote

Kinda. It’s a common creature and mount type so it’s possible that the AI had many reference points.


Jasrek t1_jcop353 wrote

That's still pretty amazing. I'm definitely trying this out - I don't DM DND, but it will probably be helpful for brainstorming when writing a paper or a novel.