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demauroy OP t1_jbyb2rq wrote

Do people actually understand things more than a good AI model ? I think we create inference patterns very often that have no link to reality and are later refuted as absurd.


JoshuaACNewman t1_jbye0t1 wrote

If most of the time it’s advice that’s at least as good as therapeutic advice, and then it recommends self-harm because it’s what people do, it’s obviously not good for therapeutic purposes.

It’s not that even therapists don’t fuck up. It’s that AI doesn’t have any of the social structure we have. It can’t empathize because it has neither feelings nor experience, which means any personality you perceive is one you’re constructing in your mind.

We have ways and reasons to trust each other that AI can activate, but the signals are false.


ninjadude93 t1_jc02r6o wrote

People have the capacity to understand the meaning behind the words they say. Chatgpt does not and no AGI exists today that can.

I'd be incredibly wary of letting your teenager treat chatgpt as a real confidant without explaining its critical limitations