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AtomGalaxy t1_jc1uayz wrote

But, if programs like ChatGPT help people, how will the for-profit healthcare industrial complex in America continue to rake in money to send to Big Pharma and the insurance companies?

Perhaps $3M has been spent over the decades trying to fix my now estranged older sister between rehab, therapy, hospital stays, and law enforcement. That doesn’t even include the destruction she has caused to society and people’s lives. All it did was help turn her into a psychopath that’s able to keep on going harming people and being insane on social media. She’s too far gone now to be taken seriously, but my lived experience very much disagrees with “trust the professionals” and to just keep feeding the beast with more money.

What’s wrong is our lifestyles, our food, our addiction to technology that’s fucking with our minds with their algorithms. It’s like the commercials when I was a kid after you ate your sugary cereal and watched your favorite cartoons that were really infomercials for the toys, only to then sit all day playing Nintendo getting fat. It’s that times 100 these days. They’ll put kids on drugs for anything. We’re being chemically handcuffed just to get us to comply with the system.

What we need is sunshine, our hands in the dirt growing plants, real fruits and vegetables, walkable communities, and above all a lot more of our lives outdoors not looking at screens.

Show me a doctor in America who will prescribe that for a teenager before Adderall.


adigitalwilliam t1_jcfj728 wrote

I think there are limitations to what you advocate, but also a lot of truth there—upvoted to cancel out the downvote.