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DisasterousGiraffe OP t1_jd7z3sc wrote

"Solar, according to the IPCC report, can deliver more emission cuts than any other technology by 2030, when the world needs to have cut its emissions by at least half if it is to have any chance of capping average global warming at 1.5°C. Solar and wind together offer nearly ten times the emission cut potential than nuclear, and 20 times that of carbon capture."


Excellent_Impact6860 t1_jddh1ls wrote

They are delusional and will likely contribute more to emissions than anyone else.

Nuclear was the way. Green idiots killed it in 90s and we're now reaping results


Disastrous_Ball2542 t1_jdit8fp wrote

They prob can't even complete building a nuclear plant by 2030 if they started today so article still holds true


pinkfootthegoose t1_jde7h0o wrote

green idiots did not kill nuclear. They were a convenient whipping boy to blame for the poor economics of nuclear power.

There has never been a profitable commercial nuclear plant. not one.

Nuclear plants were constructed to build nuclear weapons with a side benefit of making power to subsidize the production of plutonium.

Also nuclear plants can not be built fast enough to satisfy demand.