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altmorty t1_jd923xj wrote

They're definitely shills. They don't just attack renewables and energy storage (which even nuclea rpower will need), they also go after electric vehicles and even heat pumps.


Kaz_55 t1_jd8xfzk wrote

You'd be surprised by the kind of backlash posting stuff like

can incur every time somebody drags up nuclear as "the obvious solution".

The nuclear and the fossil fuel industry are often two sides of the same coin.


ialsoagree t1_jd922oy wrote

There's so much misunderstanding of nuclear it's crazy.

I'm not opposed to nuclear in principal, but having read reports like these, and looking at the costs for design and construction, it just doesn't seem viable in the time frame we have.

There are plants started in the 70s that are still being constructed today.