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DerClown2003 t1_je2ncyr wrote

I see a lot of comments suggesting that high end technology should be developed further for our time, but the way I see it we should be a lot further in slowing down, stopping or even reversing climate change. What’s the point of awesome technology if there is no place to use it.


Vince1128 t1_je2r4jq wrote

I think both arguments can be done, high end technology can/must be used to protect the planet (among other things), but humanity prefers wars and division instead of science and development, even though wars brought a lot of scientific achievements in the past, right now is not enough anymore, we have to work as a team, as a species, otherwise we can't do anything as fast as it should be done.

Just my opinion.


Codydw12 t1_je36m7n wrote

Theoretically we can control the entire global environment. The ability to turn back the dial both in regards to global temperature changes to preindustrial levels but could even be used in small sections of land to expand the "natural" world. Turning Siberia into Pleistocene Park complete with currently extinct megafauna.