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ItsAConspiracy t1_je4t85y wrote

Flying cars are more practical than you think. Read the book Where Is My Flying Car?

General aviation, i.e. small private planes, used to be a much bigger thing than now. Back in the 1970s there were about ten times as many Cessnas and similar planes flying, and about that many more small runways. It was working out fine, and then the FAA threw such a heavy load of regulation on top of the industry that it collapsed.

Among other things it became really difficult to develop new aircraft and get them approved. This did not improve safety; it worsened it, as people had to rely on old technology.

Contrary to common fear-mongering, people with pilot licenses are perfectly capable of flying small aircraft without crashing everywhere, and many "flying car" designs are easier to fly. Decades ago we still would have needed serious training, but today, automating a flying car is way easier than automating a ground car, and we already have computer-controlled flying drones.

The big advantage of flying cars is speed. The book argues that you get a big jump in economic productivity when an average person can travel further in an hour. With flying cars, that one-hour range could be several hundred miles.