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WildGrem7 t1_je7p7mu wrote

If you think we will have viable working fusion for the masses in 10 years, you’re delusional. They haven’t even broken Q>1 yet and to make it vaiable the need far far greater than that and far more frequent than the 1 or so reactions a day they’ve been able to achieve. Not to downplay the advancements that we have had in the last decade - they are huge - but the cost of getting that Q up to the needed 5-10 will be astronomical then actually getting reactors up and running will take a lot least a decade alone if you compare them to current nuclear reactors from scratch to energy production. You’re looking at…………30 years. Minimum. Lmao.


ItsAConspiracy t1_je81cc9 wrote

You talk like there's only one fusion project. Plenty of projects do a lot more than one shot a day. Helion does way more.

Get up to speed on what's actually happening in the field before you write it off so confidently.


WildGrem7 t1_je839rt wrote

Would love some sources of anything over Q>1