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manicdee33 t1_jc5yvtl wrote

Blockchain applications:

  1. Scamming people by selling them crypto currency
  2. Scamming people by running a crypto exchange and then pocketing everyone's funds
  3. Scamming people through pump and dump scams given the entire crypto market reacts every time you sneeze

There are infinitely many applications for blockchain, any time you need a regular proof of ownership or custody only with more steps (and more hands reaching into your wallet to participate in this new business method on computers on the internet with blockchain).


Fuck_Up_Cunts t1_jc64usk wrote

Why are you writing a master's thesis on something you have so little knowledge on?

Stuff like DAOs, alternative economic and monetary systems, and P2P finance are the most appropriate ideas.


Samurai___ t1_jc5xydt wrote

Topic 1: Elon is giving away bitcoin - the rise of the scammer bots.


ItsAConspiracy t1_jc6a6tq wrote

Check out the blog by Vitalik Buterin, the founder of the second-largest blockchain. All sorts of interesting stuff in there.


riceandcashews t1_jc6qubi wrote

Uhh, I would pick a different topic tbh. Blockchain is just a distributed database and ledger. It's really not that interesting or important, and typically a centralized database is the better choice for almost all problems.


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