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Electrical_Age_7483 t1_jdt7gfd wrote

Company exaggerates their new feature. How is this news?


Malachiian OP t1_jdth6wm wrote

I don't know... To me this definitely fits the definition of "general intelligence".

Its doing a lot of stuff that it wasn't taught to do.

This really does seem like the real deal.

It's done by 14 PhDs, I feel like that aren't there to just pump the stock price up.

Especially since Microsoft is separate from OpenAI (they have a profit share up to a certain point, but Microsoft doesn't retain shares after a certain point)


SplendidPunkinButter t1_jdv6xxo wrote

To people who work in computer science, it most explicitly does not. GPT4 is a LLM, not a general AI. You can make the biggest and bestest LLM imaginable, and it still won’t be a general AI. That simply isn’t the way a LLM works.


Phoenix5869 t1_jdufm0m wrote

> It's done by 14 PhDs

exactly. No PhD is going to make a claim like that if they are not 100% sure of the validity of that claim


Shiningc t1_je0eu7w wrote

"General intelligence" is an intelligence that is capable of any kind of intelligence. Sentience is a kind of an intelligence. We have yet to have a sentient AI. Not even close.

It makes no sense for a corporation to release a golden duck laying goose to the public. If they really have an AGI, then they can just use it to produce as much innovations as possible. They can just fire every employees except for a few. People have way too much wishful thinking because they so badly want to believe that people have created an AGI.