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Outrageous_Nothing26 t1_jdvbget wrote

Just calculate the probability of that arising from randomness. That’s just incredible, you see the answers and think easy because the problem was already solved for you.


KnightOfNothing t1_jdvcn5y wrote

no i see the answer and think "wow i really didn't care about the problem in the first place" sorry but things in reality stopped impressing/interesting me many years ago.


Outrageous_Nothing26 t1_jdvcq2h wrote

Sounds like a skill issue or depression one of the two


KnightOfNothing t1_jdvhuy8 wrote

you're not the first one to bring up "skill issue" when I've expressed my utter disappointment in all things real, is the human game of socialize work and sleep really so much fun for you guys? is this limited world lacking of anything fantastical really so impressive for all of you?

i've tried exceptionally hard to understand but all my efforts have been for naught. The only rational conclusion is that there's something necessary to the human experience i'm lacking but it's so fundamental no one would even think of mentioning it.


Outrageous_Nothing26 t1_jdvi8qx wrote

Well the truth, it doesn’t really matter, we could be living in a the magical world of harry potter and your anhedonia would do the same. I was just kidding with the skill issue but it sounds like depression, i had something similar happen but it’s just my unsolicited opinion and it doesn’t carry thar much weight