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pharmamess t1_jdwdnnf wrote

>Attempts to do so have proven unfruitful.

What you mean is that you're not convinced by any arguments/explanations/evidence that you've ever come across. Many people are.

I'm not put off by the lack of a scientific proof. I think that there's more to life than what can be measured using scientific instruments. Life has unequivocally taught me this truth. It doesn't follow that there is necessarily a soul but I get the sense of it being a valid concept - and I am far from the only one to think that. But I understand the intransigence of the hard materialist / scientific reductionist position so there might perhaps be a little difficulty agreeing to disagree (apologies if I'm being unduly cynical).

I don't think it follows at all that "we are just neural nets, nothing more". That's an extremely narrow take on human consciousness which is obvious to anyone who has scratched the surface.


Express-Set-8843 t1_jdxkyzs wrote

>What you mean is...

And we've exited the realm of constructive conversation.

When you are talking to someone, let them tell you what they mean and you tell them what you mean. I will now exit this pointless debate.