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Psycletosteuj t1_je4lf1g wrote

Both centralized and decentralized technologies have their own pros and cons. I’ve been using centralized ones my whole life without batting an eye, and so do my parents, family members and close friends. Once I started becoming more conscious of my own privacy and browsing habits, I started investigating alternatives. I used social media just to communicate with people so I was able to get off that habit by switching to Signal and Qamon. What I’m trying to say is the only way decentralization actually starts becoming a part of our future—including social media and communication—is for people to become aware of the dirty games big tech companies are playing with our online identities. If it were up to them, they would become more hostile with their data collection, but the initiative to create alternatives will have to be sparked by the community. Decentralized data storage will 100% be a safer way of storing user data and information, but only time will tell if we get decentralized technology in social media or not.


dgj212 t1_je8nsw8 wrote

Wouldnt the ban tiktok bill interfere with that since just using vpn would get you jailed?


anima99 t1_je4h93d wrote

When it comes to the future of anything about people, we can always look to China.

In China, we have the social credit points system. We meme it, but it may coming to us all in the next decade, but it would be more on "since you use [app], you can avail of [benefits]."

The metric of how good the perks are will rely on how valuable your account is + how much money you generate the app.

Those likes, shares, reacts, follows will be part of how they compute your social media value. The clout chasing will now be even greater than ever, because it's literally affecting your quality of life.

We'll have stores where "only those with 1 million+ followers are allowed" or VIP access that restrict entrance to those with a certain "social media level."

We might even push it further and have "Team [app1]" vs "Team [app2]" kinds of social discrimination.


ledfrisby t1_je4kct1 wrote

I don't know if we can look at China as the future model of anything for developed countries. The country has a unique modern history, going from Maoist revolution, to starvation, to reform, to historically unprecedented economic growth, to a global superpower, where they are today. I don't see how the world view of the Chinese people and the CCP, shaped by these events, is in any way predictive of the rest of the world. The only common thread is what seems at times like a general slide towards authoritarianism, but that trend would have to continue for a long time, without the pendulum swinging back the other way, for Western democracies to take such steps.


[deleted] t1_je4hfqb wrote



anima99 t1_je4i0wj wrote

I think people have collectively given up on data security. Like, we joke about it, especially with the "My FBI agent" memes. We have all these terms and conditions that we don't read, and they may have a line or two that says "we can do whatever we want with your data if you agree."

There's this book I read about a future where private corporations ruled over governments. The divide was more on what employees of said corporations can have and do vs the perks of the other corporations. It was a big loyalty game.

We might have that soon, what with how we worship brands and the way they validate us socially.


WildGrem7 t1_je7quvz wrote

Future? Dude corporations already rule over the most powerful country in the world


_r33d_ t1_je4k4xr wrote

It’s starting to happen already. Was just reading about a luxury chain of gyms in US which require interviews, references and a full parsing of your social media accounts.


Pickled_Doodoo t1_je5szs3 wrote

> In China, we have the social credit points system. We meme it, but it may coming to us all in the next decade, but it would be more on "since you use [app], you can avail of [benefits]."


One of the grocery store oligopolies in Finland just urged people to stop taking paper receipts and instead start using their app to archive purchases, reasoning that it reduces waste, etc.

At face value, a good enough reason but I can't help to not think about China's social credit and how close that is to become a reality in the west too.


-The_Blazer- t1_je5zirk wrote

> "since you use [app], you can avail of [benefits]."

Isn't this how the entire service sector works and has worked for a century? Just replace apps with signed cards, club memberships and catalogues.


RamaSchneider t1_je4ic48 wrote

I think that social media as we understand it today is going to disappear. Curating on a personal or system wide level is going to be made impossible by the massive amount of new material that will generated daily.

There will be social media like sites that give the appearance of what we are comfortable with right now, but those sites will be closed systems meant to provide a place with a suitable and predictable set of protections (or lack of).


zuzg t1_je4jmfi wrote

Dunno reddit is also social media and I don't see it going away.
It becomes more moderated to follow laws and ToS which it already does to a significant higher account then couple of years back.


RamaSchneider t1_je4mdlm wrote

I agree with you regarding Reddit being part of "social media", and I think Reddit in particular is well suited to a future model.

What will have to change, in my thinking, is how outside information can be forced into what we know as a sub-reddit. That's where the closed system comes into play: the curating part.

(As an aside, I'm the type that likes to indulge in a random inflow for a bit every day)

So if Reddit changes in that way, I don't think it reflects what we know today - but I could be way off on all this.


zuzg t1_je4muw8 wrote

>As an aside, I'm the type that likes to indulge in a random inflow for a bit every day

That's basically why I sort the Frontpage by rising/top all regularly. You see much more smaller subreddits this way and it's easier to participate in discussions.


OriginalCompetitive t1_je655to wrote

Reddit’s days are numbered. “Dear ChatGDP5, please simulate for me a message posting platform focused on the topic of politics. Give me a mix of 10% learning new things, 10% lame inside jokes, and 80% correcting idiots who post obviously wrong things that I can sarcastically correct. Mix in my favorite recurring personalities from the last session.”


artix111 t1_je73poa wrote

People won’t write long messages anymore after they get used to how accessible the most complex of information will be. It will get that good.


SeaElephant8890 t1_je4i188 wrote

Kinda wish there was a What's App, Signal or other service based on phone number registration.

I'd consider being more social if your phone number must be in my actual contacts list with the ability to join groups of interest to broaden your network.

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have far too much noise to make them useful as an actual social media platform for me.


SpinCharm t1_je5f3mj wrote

More and more of people’s interactions online with social media will be actually with AI. People will slowly lose the ability to discern the difference between real people’s posts, comments, photos, and videos and AI created ones. And they won’t care anyway since they receive the same stimulation and satisfaction.

AI social bubbles will be generated by actors (corporations, foreign governments, individuals) with political, economic, or malicious motives. “Hurding” will be the new buzzword used to describe the manipulations done to people en masse, an amalgam of hurt and herding.

Over time people will lose a sense of actual belonging to their social, familial, and geographic tribes and will form emotional and psychological alliances with AI-generated ones.

Governments will be a reflection of the will of the most successful actors and not of the people. People will ignorantly strongly defend those governments, believing them to represent their own interests without realizing the level of endemic manipulation that created those beliefs.

The will of the people will fade over time as they realize that their individuality was little more than a false perception supported by their relative isolation and ignorance of the commonality of thought and deed.

Governments will ensure that basic living conditions remain sufficient to meet the basic needs the population, further reducing the need for most to seek behaviours and thoughts outside their hurd.

Those seeking power will focus on creating the broadest and most effective environments to capture the hearts and minds of the greatest numbers. Competing for resources will be centred on headcount. Success at power will be measured by those with the highest number of members.


limitless__ t1_je5kyyd wrote

Social media will not exist in the future. At it's essence "social media" is a data harvesting platform that takes your personal data and sells it to advertisers make money. Although it's going to take longer than we'd like, governments will soon institute robust data protections for users. When that happens social media will no longer be profitable. Remember, social media in 2023 has NOTHING to do with sharing pictures, videos, stories. It's 100% about mining you for your personal data and selling that data, without your explicit permission, for profit. That's ALL it is. Social Media's picture, videos and stories are nothing more than the medium through which your ad preferences are refined.


Fawqueue t1_je6tmgq wrote

There was an episode of Black Mirror that I believed summed this up quite nicely. It's going to suck.


Ragnarotico t1_je53q2c wrote

Decentralized social media is an oxymoron. Social media by nature seeks to grow with exponential network effects.

Decentralized networks suck at facilitating huge networks.

You need to get off the Web3 bandwagon. It's really not happening.


HorrorCharacter5127 t1_je786gq wrote

Can't even imagine. Keeps advancing with stuff i never saw coming


Praise_AI_Overlords t1_je7bwfy wrote

Most likely decentralized - personal AI assistants will handle this.

Will emerge sometime next year.


dgj212 t1_je8o4mh wrote

Honestly, pretty bleak at the moment with the ban tiktok bill. I saw some guy on youtube go through and read all the extras that were tact on to the bill. And holy hell is the US going to be an orweillian nightmare if it passes, because it would give big tech companies a legal way to remove competitors including open source software


sassyfras12345 t1_je5oesi wrote

I was searching for ChatGPT and AI and this Sub caught my eye so I came in for a browse.
Have you guys heard of BlockStar? (disclaimer: I am helping out on the BlockStar Team).

It is a decentralized ecosystem, offering several different content creation platforms. From social media, to video, to digital/audio. It also has business utilities like video conferencing, large file transfer and CRM. BlockStar dropped DAISI (Decentralized Artificial Intelligence Support Interface) last week. Lots more to come!

The entire ecosystem is underpinned by blockchain. User data will never be sold off. Only the users can access their own personal data and they control what, if any, they wish to share.