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merien_nl t1_jdi1g05 wrote

No. This is the same thing we thought in the late '90s with the popularisation of the internet. If all the facts are available to everyone it will changes discussions, we will understand each other better, the world will be a better place. It wasn't to be.

Same here, polarization exists it serves a purpose for some. We have created a society where there have to be winners and losers. There is little room for both sides to have valid points. There is little room to agree to disagree.

It is not good for society, but I'm afraid AI is not going to help us here. As much as it could be a positive tool it can also be a negative tool. Generating very convincing arguments for whichever position you want to take.


s1L3nCe_wb OP t1_jditbc4 wrote

You might find this podcast interesting:

I actually think that an AI model like the one I'm proposing could be a great tool to stop the war on sensemaking (or at least reduce its impact). But we would need an AI model which is decentralised.


Mercurionio t1_jdls9og wrote

China already created AI tool for propaganda.

Just wait for powerful AI tool with targeted propaganda in EU / NA.


s1L3nCe_wb OP t1_jdlvojh wrote

chatGPT is also very propagandistic.


Mercurionio t1_jdlwkth wrote

Then why did you create this post in the first place?

AI chat bots will be used in tandem with media to spread the narrative. The targeted narrative.

That's it.