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JaxJaxon t1_jdj7vkt wrote

If I asked AI can the existence of God be proved or disproved, what answer might I expect to receive.


s1L3nCe_wb OP t1_jdjahvj wrote

In this model that I'm proposing, the AI is the one that would be making the questions, generally speaking. Let me give you a short example.

Subject: I think that being a woman in Spain has more advantages than being a man.

AI: When you say that women have more advantages, what factors are you taking into consideration?

Subject: Well, for starters, women have legal advantages (affirmative action) that men don't have access to.

AI (after a search): In terms of laws, it is true that women have some advantages over men. I think that in order to critique the validity of these discriminatory measures, we could start by taking one example and start from there. Could you give me one example?

Subject: Sure. Women have more incentives to become freelancers or entrepreneurs.

AI: Could you be more specific? Try to specify what kind of incentives are we talking about.

And so on...


JaxJaxon t1_jdjnhvy wrote

It looks to me that some one or some other thigh started the question and not the AI. Other wise the start of the premises would be : AI; Why do women in Spain have more advantages than the men in Spain? Could you give me examples of this?

Or AI: Can you disprove the existence of God to me?