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Hot-Explanation6044 t1_jdm0a9n wrote

People sure don't understand jack about ideology

Ideology is not an erroneous way of thinking to be overcome by facts and logic rather it is a necessary byproduct of the fact that we are political beings

You cannot not be ideological. Thinking some technical advance can change human nature is ideological in itself.

And yeah "everything is ideological" is an ideological statement, produced by certain power relationship and historical paradigms. But at least it's an ideology conscious of itself which is already an advance compared to the idea that the human mind can access transcendental truths which has not been empircally proven yet and is widely discussed since philosophy exists


s1L3nCe_wb OP t1_jdm2lc2 wrote

The word ideology just describes a set of ideas, beliefs and values. The problem is when some of these elements continuously produce social fracture and we are not willing to sit down and revised them (which is precisely what creates polarisation). Use whatever term you like to describe this problem but that is the very thing that we need to address.

The reason for this post was simply to express my believe that a solid AI model based on epistemological analysis could have the potential to alleviate the problem. It's just an opinion. I don't understand why some people get so confrontational over a mere opinion on a possible usage of AI that could be useful to reduce the social fracture. It really proves my point of how desperately we need a solution to this increasingly dangerous problem.