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[deleted] t1_iqlb6oq wrote



Defiant_Swann OP t1_iqlbtvi wrote

Did AI Wright this paragraph?


KY_4_PREZ t1_iqlcnj7 wrote

Lmao F off buddy. Anybody lacking the forethought to see there’s exponentially more avenues for general intelligence to go wrong, opposed to actually benefiting society, have absolutely zero business speaking on the matter.


TeslaPills t1_iqlfg5l wrote

Sorry buddy but you even writing this proves how little you know about AI…. AI is years away from achieving sentience. Cars can’t even drive themselves and that’s probably 0.1% of the equation we are talking developing consciousness / sentience… let’s pump the brakes….. now what you should be worried about are this AI bots unleashed with Quantum computing / quantum computers in general which is probably way more dangerous currently than any AI


beders t1_iqlduk9 wrote

So much fearmongering. What is going to do? Stop me from pulling a plug? Get real.

We can't write bug-free software, but somehow AI all of a sudden knows how to take over devices and propagate and such? Lol


TeslaPills t1_iqlfik9 wrote

Or cars driving themselves, yet AI are close to sentience