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Bebilith t1_iqpl4bi wrote

Oh don’t get me wrong. I think micro grid are definitely the way to go. I just this the ‘expensive’ electronic controller (as described in the article, not me) is a better fit for long term and efficiency.


iksbob t1_iqpszwi wrote

It sounds to me like they're suggesting grid-connection management devices (such as an inverter for a solar power installation) should all have a simple ad-hoc mode so that local grids can be patched together when faced with major infrastructure damage. It's not a replacement for organized infrastructure, but a minimalist system that can still load-manage when your infrastructure consists of nothing but extension cords.


Bebilith t1_iqqb6ca wrote

I reread the article. I missed that they mentioned a 155k/Mw controller. I was thinking a lot smaller scale when they mentioned micro grid.