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Fuzzycolombo t1_iqwcait wrote

How’s it supposed to be prepared so it tastes good? I ate roasted seaweed sheets one time and found them disgusting. I can only imagine boiling raw seaweed and sticking it on my plate to be even worse


redceramicfrypan t1_iqwnft2 wrote

That's another thing: there is so much variety in types of seaweed. I personally really like seaweed salad, which you can buy at many Asian groceries and some supermarkets. Briny and sweet and crunchy, I think it's delicious.

Sorry you had a bad experience with roasted seaweed sheets. Maybe you just don't have a taste for them. As for their broad popularity, though, I can attest that many of the (American) kids I work with bring packages of seasoned seaweed sheets with their lunch every day and absolutely devour them.


Fuzzycolombo t1_iqx0upc wrote

Now I’m recalling I actually had some seaweed on top of some tuna tacos I ate a couple months ago and I’m pretty sure it was seaweed salad and I do recall it being really crunchy and good.

I’ll check out an Asian grocery store and see if I can find some seaweed salad


Glorange t1_iqwiu0v wrote

Put it in a stew, adds a slightly fish flavor that’s diluted w water.