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Alyssarr t1_iqvwb29 wrote

This is cool! I find that in restoration it’s the transplant survival though where you really see things fail or succeed. Are these saplings just as resistant to pests, weather, etc as a sapling raised outdoors? Can they survive transplanting better or worse? Are their root systems properly established in a way for structure and water efficiency?


IDontTrustGod t1_iqwfpc4 wrote

Excellent questions, when these circumstances are accounted for and introduced in indoor pre-planting it’s typically called Hardening

It would be a real shame if they haven’t prepared for these circumstances, but it wouldn’t be the first time


Alyssarr t1_ir0j2ez wrote

Thank you for sharing! Yes it would be a shame, and I often worry about things like this that remove natural competitive mechanisms that would increase fitness in plants in a rapidly changing environment. I’ve worked on the hands-on side of habitat restoration for almost 10 yrs now and am very interested in getting into research either in propagation or field restoration trials. There’s a lot of disconnect between folks on the ground and people making the plans.