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mtt534 t1_ir0q2za wrote

"You will eat the bugs, you will live in the pod, you will own nothing... and you will be happy" - world economic forum


aufshtes t1_iqz5gkw wrote

Can we fix climate change by building out renewable energy (mostly nuclear) instead of demanding a quality of life decrease from everyone please?

BTW feeding cows a little bit of seaweed cuts down their methane emissions by like 75% so dont give me that bs.


AmericanLich t1_iqzsyz1 wrote

Bug food evangelists are weird. Like the people who think this is the future are really bent on it, it’s kinda strange.


JefferyTheQuaxly t1_ir0i2se wrote

I dont know i wouldnt be against certain kinds of bug based proteins. i think it would need to like be mixed up/turned into flour or something, i dont want to eat bug patties or chew on some legs. definitely other ways to cut down on emissions over this though. but every little bit can help.


SirionAUT t1_ir012w9 wrote

Do french people have a lower quality of life than germans because the former like to eat snails and the latter blood cooked sausages?

Do you think americans suffer from food shortages because they keep eating ocean insects like shrimp?

Are rich people in reality poor because they like to dress in silky worm excretion?

Am i disgustoig for loving bee vomit?

Not eating something is pretty easy, the trick is to not put it in your mouth. Maybe people can do that instead of whining about different kinds of food.

>Burgundy insect farm ramps up production to offer a meat-free future

I am much more bothered by this statement, while technically correct it feels like lying to consumers.


Sajun t1_ir12v0n wrote


Yeah, replacing their whining with yours is a great improvement.


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12AngryKernals t1_ir5cikj wrote

One company producing edible bugs will put every restaurant out of business?!? How good do these bugs taste if everyone refuses to eat anything else once they are available?


AmericanLich t1_iqzsus4 wrote

Not even gonna pretend that I would consider doing this. I won’t even eat over cooked pasta, if you think you’re gonna get me off meat with crickets, you’ve got a prayer. I’ll try lab meat, miss me with those bugs.


saucydude714 t1_iqzt4md wrote

While the elite clink their wine glasses together and dine on juicy steaks, they laugh at the commoners eating bugs.


D_sabre t1_iqyy7dx wrote

I've been hearing for 10 years that we will all be eating bugs in 4 or 5 years. I fell like I'll be in the exact same place in 10 more years.


FuturologyBot t1_iqybku8 wrote

The following submission statement was provided by /u/vpuetf:

Decarbonizing food is a major problem, and meat alternatives and low carbon meat are the future to solve the climate crisis. We need all meat alternatives to be cheap and widely available. This requires huge investments to decarbonize meat from government and industry, and probably carbon taxes on meat. It's the only way we can have a sustainable, diverse, equitable, and inclusive world in the face of climate change.

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Albert14Pounds t1_ir5zqg3 wrote

What sort of food safety things do we have to worry about with eating insects? I'm all for it but I'm imagining a factory farm for crickets and what sort of germs and diseases live on and in them, or are they surprisingly clean?


FalcorAirlines t1_irt5ubp wrote

Just when you thought French food couldn't get any worse...


Insufferablelol t1_iqyvml9 wrote

I'd eat bugs I don't give a shit if you can make it taste good.


_ITLovesCafeBustelo_ t1_iqyxsvg wrote

I'm all about it. Fry them shits up in balls and sell em at Crickets-N-Things^(TM)


KJting98 t1_iqynivw wrote

Yall downvoting and mad because it's true but just can't stomach the fact


Martian_Xenophile t1_ir1q0uj wrote

Nah it’s because some people have the arrogance to think they can impose some arbitrary self-granted authority over others who then have to listen.

It’s the same thing with vegans who think everyone else should be vegan. Or Christians who think everyone must follow their worldview. It’s tongue-in-cheek saying “fuck you for being different” and I think we’re all tired of that mentality from everyone at this point.


_ITLovesCafeBustelo_ t1_iqyyknh wrote

They are mad because they aren't educated enough to understand why it is true, much less that it is true. They will cling to their outdated beliefs and refuse to make a change that benefits others. I find much less objection to eating something like a cricket compared to an intelligent animal that is as smart (or smarter) than your precious golden retriever.


Sajun t1_ir136ng wrote

Go eat all the bugs you want bro, nobodys stopping you


Scarlet_succubus t1_iqyikhp wrote

Cultures all around the world have eaten non mammal meat for millennia, this ain’t new and to act like it’s disgusting is honestly not a good look


DocPeacock t1_iqykibq wrote

French have been eating snails, frogs and filter feeders for a long time


Vprbite t1_iqyy616 wrote

In the 1800s in Paris they regularly ate rats.


YoungThugsBootyGoon t1_iqyng3l wrote

>this ain’t new and to act like it’s disgusting is honestly not a good look

not eating bugs...not a good look? i think you have been inside too much


Scarlet_succubus t1_ir1tj2f wrote

I said to act like it disgusting isn’t. Its your body obv I’m not telling you to do it. I’m just saying all the comments acting like this is a new outrageous thing are out of touch with history and the reality of many cultures today even. Maybe you should be the one getting outside more


[deleted] t1_iqyrp9f wrote

In my culture I’ve never eaten bugs in my life and neither did my ancestors. Sure as hell not about to start now!


SirionAUT t1_ir02bxk wrote

Arthropods probably have been a staple in new zealand much longer than your ancestors have been there. (Guessing here from your most recent posts)

And for full insect snack you can go for Huhu grubs. Already part of your culture.


[deleted] t1_ir6vknh wrote

Um, it’s really creepy to try guess my location from my post history. It’s also pretty rascist of you to assume you know anything about what my culture is, Please shut the fuck up and refrain from making weird comments in the future


AmericanLich t1_iqzt23n wrote

I may not look good but I tell ya, my food sure does. No bugs on this plate.


Sajun t1_ir12zyy wrote

Okay, go eat the bugs then. Have fun.


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kspo t1_iqyeveu wrote

>It's the only way we can have a sustainable, diverse, equitable, and inclusive world in the face of climate change

lol. just throw a bunch of buzzwords in there and maybe you'll convince someone.

I'd rather eat people.


_ITLovesCafeBustelo_ t1_iqyy8hw wrote

What a loser you must be. I bet you also don't believe in vaccines and climate change. You'd rather leave the world shit for the people who have to live here in 100 years. All so you can sit on your couch and eat a room temp steak dipped in ketchup while you watch reruns of Nash Bridges.


furiousfran t1_iqyf597 wrote

If you eat any food then you're already eating bugs lol

You also have mites in your eyelids like everyone else


youritalianjob t1_iqyiack wrote

This is probably the most disingenuous argument I’ve seen about this. Mites in your eye lashes have nothing to do with food and the amount of bugs allowed in our food is negligible. Purposefully eating them is completely different than incidentally eating them.


Ventrian t1_iqyly4s wrote

TBH eating bugs will probably be cleaner. Insects have fewer natural parasites, and often have a wide range of important nutrients in them. Think of it this way. Chicken nuggets, ground beef, breakfast sausage are all ground remnants of the animal. How about instead of pork/chicken/ beef ground up, we do bugs? I bet they could be seasoned and modified accordingly to match the desired pallette. Around the world, outside of the relatively small western hemisphere bugs are widely consumed when available.


Sajun t1_ir13iwk wrote

Eat all the fucking bugs you want man, leave me the hell out of it.


chowder-san t1_iqz8cbr wrote

Is it a major problem? Right now Europe is backpedaling fast on its stance towards using coal and other stuff for heating homes. The investments are needed more elsewhere, most importantly in energy production and storage as well as power infrastructure modernisation.

And I'll leave bugs for you, I'd rather buy lab grown meat.


Sajun t1_ir13egq wrote

Meanwhile the rich are going to be eating filet mignon and crab each night made in extremely expensive ways. Their lives don't change, we eat bugs. If we taxed the shit out of their excess wealth right now we could be building nuclear reactors and getting ourselves out of this heat-induced mess.