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tms102 t1_ir1e6fy wrote

Very nice to hear some level headed experts. I had similar thoughts: not ground breaking but good for the amount of time they had spent on it. Has potential. Animesh Garg gave some good insights about possible advantages and disadvantages of the chosen components.

Thanks for sharing!


YetAnotherWTFMoment t1_ir5s4h5 wrote

I'm surprised that those 13 robotics experts haven't been brigaded by the tesla fanbois.


tms102 t1_ir5xrfp wrote

Well, about half of them weren't that excited about the Tesla bot to put it mildly.

I think one put it succinctly: you (Tesla) are not as good as you think you are, but you're not as bad as they think you are.

It's a good start and a reasonable person would wait and see what they do with it in the coming months or year(s) before dismissing it altogether in my opinion.


HanzJWermhat t1_ir1mhia wrote

I don’t think anyone should get credit for making something subpar just because it took less time to get there.


tms102 t1_ir1otnm wrote

What's sub par about it? Maybe you don't understand what an MVP is?

If my team is tasked with developing a complex software solution and we manage to develop an MVP with a solid technical foundation in a short amount of time, the client will absolutely be happy with that.

The importing thing is how quickly they can get to something usable from here.


HanzJWermhat t1_ir1pjba wrote

It’s sub par to it’s competitors (Asimo, Boston Dynamics, other purpose built solutions ), and demonstrates nothing that exceeds them.

If you were making a competitive product to Twitter and all your MVP did was allow you to post content to a single page and create an account. It doesn’t matter if it took you 5 months or 1 day. It does nothing better than it’s competitors and doesn’t demonstrate competency that says to me that you can deliver anything that will be successful.

“In short, I’d bet that any decent university or corporate robotics lab with a similar budget and an active PR team would be able to pull this off.” - quote from the article.


tms102 t1_ir1y9l8 wrote

>It’s sub par to it’s competitors (Asimo, Boston Dynamics, other purpose built solutions ), and demonstrates nothing that exceeds them.

You're comparing things that took years and years to make to something that was done in 6-8months. Do you know how time works? Do you realize that Tesla is not done yet? I'm seriously puzzled.

>If you were making a competitive product to Twitter and all your MVP did was allow you to post content to a single page and create an account. It doesn’t matter if it took you 5 months or 1 day. It does nothing better than it’s competitors and doesn’t demonstrate competency that says to me that you can deliver anything that will be successful.

This is so silly I don't even know where to begin. I was going to say "clearly you've never worked to deliver technical milestones for a client". But the same principle applies anywhere.

Let's say you ask two teams to bid for your contract to "make me a twitter clone". Milestone 1 or the POC is "create account + post content to single page". Team 1 takes 5 months to deliver and team 2 takes 1 day to deliver that milestone. Are you seriously telling me you wouldn't know which team to give the contract to? That's a joke right?

It's like if you had a race and runner 1 had a 1 hour head start and they ran 20km. Then runner 2 started running and ran 15km in 30min. Meanwhile, runner 1 is at 25km. What you're saying is "runner 2 is sub par, it took him 1hour 30 min to run 15km! while runner 1 is at 25km!"

So, you fail to see that runner 2 didn't even start running until 1 hour into the race, you also didn't notice runner 1 is starting to slow down. (Asimo is no longer being developed and Boston Dynamics' Atlas still doesn't have any hands.)

On top of that, the race is far from over.

I can't believe someone is arguing that it doesn't matter how long something takes to develop.


mrnothing- t1_ir251cg wrote

Tesla is not as develop as something for 20 years ago, yes you can make good thinks about the design but isn't groundbreaking nor look like something new, yes is important development speed but is important to understand the difrerence in new features and already solved ones the later take months or years but the first takes years or decades becouse they expanded the knowledge, not becouse of the production process was slow.


yada_yadad_sex t1_ir28r4s wrote

Nothing to do with time, but whether it should be developed. Twitter example is relevant. Why would you compete?

This iteration of thd stupid robot isn't the point. It's where it can get from a to z. Z, btw, is very ambitious. Frankly I doubt this will turn into anything like promised, and probably fail. At best if will fetch my beers from the fridge.

This shit is hard. What musk promises and delivers ard worlds apart. I wouldn't gamble my money on his AI pipedream, regardless whether this version is "a commendable start".

This is the same as the underground tunnel in vegas. A shit start to an overhyped promise. When he delivers on promise I'll bd impressed. Until then, it's just hype.


kbad10 t1_ir4e36y wrote

None of the robots you mentioned were designed to mass produced. That makes huge difference.


HanzJWermhat t1_ir4ydx9 wrote

What have they shown so far that demonstrates this robot is mass produce able? In fact if you read the article the roboticist point out their choice in actuators contradicts that


OriginalCompetitive t1_ir1tn1v wrote

With that logic, you must be very bad at spotting emerging companies and technologies.


HanzJWermhat t1_ir1uf5z wrote

I’m a PM in FAANG so I think my managers know a bit more than some internet randos.


Bewaretheicespiders t1_ir1ztuv wrote

PMs, AKA the most useless people in tech.


HanzJWermhat t1_ir2kget wrote

Lmao ok, you only say that when money is free and infinite growth. Engineers will spin without guidance on business goals.


gigahydra t1_ir3di0n wrote

LMAO have you checked your stock options recently?


HanzJWermhat t1_ir3etj7 wrote

Ummm ok? My shit don’t vest for a couple years anyway plus I seen no threat to the underlying business model on my products. I ain’t fazed.


gigahydra t1_ir3fq9s wrote

Ok, so then not Facebook, not Netflix, not Apple (tough to manufacture phones in China right now, no?), so your either Google and trying to figure out that you don't need money for fun, or Microsoft, which somehow failed to predict the iPhone. Good luck with that.


HanzJWermhat t1_ir3gl3r wrote

Oh man so thankful for your deep wise technological analysis I’m shaking in my boots. Oh Nostradamus of investing please speak to me your insights of where I should invest my money and capital to survie the upcoming tech apocalypse


gigahydra t1_ir3h8wi wrote

Look, your options haven't vested yet - I get it. Change is hard. The industry will be so much better when fat is cut.


DontMuchTooThink t1_ir1cnj8 wrote

The opinions of experts in this article are at odds with the consensus of this sub... Just an observation.


lazyeyepsycho t1_ir3kiq3 wrote

All we have is a single headline to become experts, they do years of study.

Clearly we are superior on a knowledge gained/per word read ratio


SpicyBurittoz t1_ir7b4iv wrote

Yep that's reddit - half the consensus opinions here are brain-dead echo-chamber takes.

Elon Musk/Tesla went from being almost universally praised for everything they did to being universally shat on, despite not really having fundamentally changed. There's no real logic to it except that most people's comments parrot whatever the 'correct' opinion is at any given moment.


TalkativeVoyeur t1_iri2kbe wrote

This. Also is big subs people seem to be Ina competition to be the most "correct" with what the others think and just get more and more extreme.


Bewaretheicespiders t1_ir1yqw3 wrote

Seems like Tesla took the fastest route to a Minimum-Viable-Prototype, and will then iterate on that. Which is very much like Tesla and SpaceX operate to achieve rapid development.


TheAnonFeels t1_ir2twrn wrote

Exactly, the 8 month robot isn't impressive. What is impressive is the bank roll they're going to use lmao


BotJunkie OP t1_ir19v9m wrote

Robotics experts from industry and academia offer the most detailed and nuanced understanding of Tesla's humanoid robotics program that we’re likely to get outside of Tesla itself.


commandrix t1_ir2kox2 wrote

"Naked? What do you mean naked? ... My circuits are showing?!"


Professor226 t1_ir3dfoi wrote

The big news is the speed they are working at, and the manufacturability of the hardware. Next years demo is going to be ironman 2 type showmanship.


SirThatsCuba t1_ir1mnnd wrote

Yeah, I've been seeing robots do this shit for decades. Muskrats will hate you for saying it though


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Elusive-Yoda t1_ir30co2 wrote

i fail to see what market this is aimed to, or my be its just a technical exhibition


DonQuixBalls t1_ir3obux wrote

It was a recruiting event. They said that a half dozen times during the presentation.


clever_mongoose05 t1_ir5vkwz wrote

i would say manufacturing as the population of many countries collapse, still a lot of work to be done but that is what I would guess


OffEvent28 t1_irbw2gk wrote

The real challenge is not the hardware, it is the software. You use a humanoid form so your robots can use devices made for people (drive a car, use a power drill, etc.). But what good is that form if the robot cannot use that device with the flexibility and dexterity and endless variations that humans can use that device?


TheJazzMonk t1_ir4tkcp wrote

Disneyland has one, and it looks like Johnny Depp too


fwubglubbel t1_ir348ej wrote

What grinds my gears is Musk's habit of blatantly over naming everything he makes so it sounds much better than it is:

Autopilot is not.

Hyperloop is not hyper anything( nor a loop)

Starship goes to maybe ONE planet, and

Optimus is anything but.

He is so full of BS.


kbad10 t1_ir4edo9 wrote

You have no idea how starship is leaps and bounds forward from anything any other company is doing.


skrivbords t1_ir4bjgf wrote

Think these guys are underestimating:
* Made to be mass manufactured. (Mass production is the hard part.)
* Uses Tesla's AI to move and coordinate. (Most advanced real world AI. Aka it will be very smart in its actions very soon)
* The project started like a year or two ago. (Crazy fast progress from NOTHING to robot that walk and move without falling over.)
I think the ones that criticize the lack of latest tech might be missing concerns related to cost in mass production.

My impression is that these guys are in the business of hunting latest cutting edge tech, not the business of real world practical application.


rdrast t1_ir2obsi wrote

This is a pathetic attempt at more Muskovite Hype.

Humanoid robots have literally no place in any industry. We have thousands of robots, and transporters, that do things better, quicker, more reliably, and faster than something that walks slower than a toddler.

Robots currently transport, move, weld, inspect, and perform far better than any Musk Stock Pump. And always will.


randomusername8472 t1_ir2pxjw wrote

I think this too.

Humanoid robots only useful function is to look cool to humans. Besides that, there are so many better forms than the human-form for pretty much anything, including navigating a human environment.

The only places that will actually translate into revenue is theme parks, like Disney animatronics. And I guess sex bots.


rdrast t1_ir2qha5 wrote

Oh, well, Elon wants to sell sex-bots, but would rather pay-rape flight attendants to have his babies.

But shit, there are already technical sex-bots, for men and women, WAY cheaper than this thing!

Hell, I might be interested, if it enen mildly resembled the dancer from last year lol!


fwubglubbel t1_ir33p5u wrote

> Humanoid robots have literally no place in any industry

Not true. Humanoids will be very useful in using equipment and environments that were designed for humans.


Quinexalt t1_ir3a37l wrote

There is one thing humanoid robots will do better than any other... sex. We all know sex drives technology, just look at blu-ray and the internet.


skrivbords t1_ir4cdhj wrote

Isn't it weird then that we have so many humans working in factories? What are humanoids then used for in industry? Humans currently do every job in the factory that the machines do not do.


TheAnonFeels t1_ir2u492 wrote

Let me just have my robot restock my store shelves... Oh wait. That's not automated yet.