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Corno4825 t1_irj9szh wrote

The difference between Artifical Intelligence and real intelligence is recursive thinking. We have the ability to think recursively, which allow us to analyze and understand our environment.

AI is told what to do. It cannot think recursively. It does not make independent decisions with it's information. It misses a key aspect of humanity, a unique personal interpretation of its environment.

That's why more humans are becoming more and more like AI. They just do what they are told and have lost the capability to independently think.


Gawd4 t1_irjanc5 wrote

>They just do what they are told…

Humans have been doing this for centuries.


Corno4825 t1_irjddzk wrote

Not all humans.

Some humans bang rocks together for fun and discover fire.


L_knight316 t1_irkm2us wrote

Categorically, maybe. But it's definitely never been as simple as "Insert input command, recieve output action"


Lord0fHats t1_irjb989 wrote

I feel pretty confident that that is not a new thing.

People (including those of us making this observation probably) have always been dumber than people want to believe.

I'd also point out most of us in my experience only engage recursive thinking sporadically. I'll spend hours thinking about a book, but I don't think about a song for more than a 3-4 minutes it takes to play. I'll bet the farmer down the road is way more introspective about farming than I'll ever be.


__ingeniare__ t1_irma8pz wrote

Uh, what? Where did you hear this, or did you just make it up?


Corno4825 t1_irn4cyq wrote

I thought recursively and came up with my own conclusion.


littlebitsofspider t1_irlgcfh wrote

The human mind exists at the intersection of our bodies and our environment. Maybe we should build AI some bodies so it'll hopefully think like us and we can relate to it.


Corno4825 t1_irm9idr wrote

Not possible because those who build ai don't understand harmonics